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I have some questions: About a satellite accounts on TSE for Italy: are you testing the monetary estimates of aggregates with national accounts? in 2019 permanent census of enterprises did you have a specific module on corporate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performances? Have you collected quantitative information to fill the accounts? If so, have you found a methodological approach to test the criteria proposed by the UN 2018 Handbook?

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The monetary approach followed in the core accounting schemes has undoubtedly underestimated NPIs statistical representation. The output of nonprofit institutions can be integrated by measuring the services provided through unpaid work and by including the secondary non-market activities carried out by market NPIs. The boundary enlargement of the production changes the structure of the institutional sector output whereby the units are classified. Concerning the NPISH sector, the production increases through estimating the services produced by unpaid volunteers engaged to private non-market NPIs. Concerning the market NPIs, the imputation of secondary non-market activities and the inclusion of voluntary work allows producing a new output component – non-market output – which is not currently in the basic accounting scheme.


In the permanent Census of enterprises, year of reference 2018, Section 9 of the questionnaire investigates the environmental and social behavior of the enterprises. Specific questions are included also about the governance.  


In 2015, Istat created a system of registers that provide in-formation on the structure of all resident institutional units (enterprises, private and public institutions), such as size in terms of financial turnover and persons employed, legal form, and economic sector of activity. The Register of private nonprofit institutions provides information to identify all nonprofit institutions active in the economic system. The new information system integrates information on the NPIs structure through data on financial economic statements from administrative and fiscal sources at the micro data level. Moreover, the new framework law about nonprofit sector will help to increase the availability of administrative data versed to economic dimensions. The methodological approach to compile the Satellite account is ongoing.

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